Swim Fees for the New Year

Hopefully some of you have found your way to the pool this week and been able to use the pre-posted swim workouts. As we approach a New Year, inquiries about our swimming workouts & fees have been filling the inbox, so here are the details:

Fees for the 3-month period Jan, Feb, Mar
Mondays (12 swims) : $50/swimmer (8 swimmers minimum)
Wednesday (12 swims) : $80/swimmer (8 swimmers minimum)
Both Mondays and Wednesdays: $130

Fees for the 3-month period Apr,May,Jun
Mondays (12 swims): $50/Swimmer (8 swimmers minimum)
Wednesdays (13 swims): $85/swimmer (8 swimmers minimum)
Both Mondays and Wednesdays: $135

Cheques are made out to Wolfville Triathlon Club. Our treasurer, Shelley MacDougall isn’t at the pool these days so we are looking for a volunteer to be registrar (collect fees and handle membership forms).

We have a few more details to work out for some other program options (Strength & Conditioning, clinics, coaching training gand the youth FUNdamentals program) so stay tuned.

Look forward to seeing some of you at the hill workout this evening, or the social run from the Market at 8 am Saturday morning.



2 thoughts on “Swim Fees for the New Year

  1. Hey Shannon Happy NewYear!

    Ate your Monday and Wednesday morning swims already full? What time are they?



    1. There is room for more! The swims are Sunday late afternoon from 5-6pm (But cancelled this Sunday 12th due to swim meet)and Wednesday morning from 6-7am


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