Another wEEKEND aLREADY…Where did this week go?!  It was a good training week for most…especially thursday with warm gayle force winds….a group of us wisely decided to have some fun and did a point to point run from Canning to Blomidon.  Yes, with the wind at our backs….. very fun! My favourite part of living in the country is the riding and running….. so hopefully I  my city roots help me when running in the city tomorrow.

Although I don’t have kids on March Break i’m quite aware that this week is a vacation week and this weekend is also CIS Basketball Weekend so many are away or taking a break.  I ask that members let me know if they plan on swimming on Sunday night this week and next…I will cancel the pool rental if no one is swimming.  pLEASE email me at sread@wolfville.ca or leave a comment on the blog to let me know if you are coming or not.  Thank you!

Here’s a Swim Workout to do on your own:

Warm Up:   200 swim choice + 100 kick

8 X 50 (25 all out +25 easy) on 1 min or 15 sec rest                                                      100 Easy                                                                                                                                2X (4 X 100 Choice on 2:30) Odd’s Easy/Even”s all out                                                  100 easy                                                                                                                              400-600 Free Catch Up Free                                                                                                                                          8X 50 Free on 1:20  (1st 25 breath every 4th stroke/2nd 25 take 2 breathes per /length Cool Down:  200 easy

Running Schedule:  Saturday meeting at Port Pub for 9:00am for a 13K run. Sunday meeting at Pharmasave Canning for 8:00 am for a 16 to 18k run. We can do less on these runs , if anyone is interested. Hope to see you:)  This is a good time to take advantage of the regualars re-booting- we’ve down with this that and the other thing…see you there!