Strength and conditioning class: Not dead yet!

If you’ve been enjoying the strength and conditioning workout on Tuesday nights and you’re sad that it ends next week, this is for you.  Alternatively, if you’ve been staring it down with an (unprintable) mix of vengefulness and steely determination, counting the reps the way they feel (“1, 2, 3, 17, 239…”), this is also for you.

I found I drew my will to live continue from the improvements I noticed from week to week, even though sometimes they were small.  As a way of patting myself on the back, I made this tracking sheet so I could see my gains, whether they consisted of eking out a few extra reps or finishing an exercise with more weight than I could even lift over my head at the beginning.

Contact Shannon for a password, if you would like a copy of this strength training workout.

Have fun!



One thought on “Strength and conditioning class: Not dead yet!

  1. Of course you’re not dead!! You are strong(er)! I am now feeling the results of all that work…flying up the hills YAAAY!
    Although the winter strength training is winding down, we have in mind a couple of maintenance options for the spring…one involves a circuit on the track at Acadia and the other would be to consult with our trainer, Mike individually so that you are doing the type of maintenance that will help you reach your goals and work on your weaknesses….. some of this will have to do with your age….the older athletes like me need to do more maintenance, while younger athletes probably need less during the “competitive” season. Of course those that have no competiitve aspirations may want ot do lots of strength and conditioning.
    Watch for Spring Schedule and AGM details later this weekend.


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