Extra Swim W/O Nov 19

Here’s an extra swim workout for those that may have the opportunity to workout on their own this week:

6×50 w/:20 rest (25 tarzan drill, 25 swim)

1×200 swim (no walls/turn @ the “T”)

4×50 w/:20 rest (non-free/free by 25)

1×200 pull (3/5 breathing pattern by 50)

4×25 @ :50 (descend stroke count 1-4)


1×200 swim (descend by 50)

1×300 cool down (2x: 100 swim/50 kick)

*2700 Total*



Tarzan Drill:

Swim freestyle with your head out of the water. Look forward as if you were sighting a buoy or landmark in open water. Keep your head out of the water for the entire 25 to strengthen your neck muscles for triathlon swimming!