Well That Was A Week!

jan21-162013 007
Whether you call it the January Freeze or a Long Cold Snap; and even with some great time spent outdoors, last week was just plain tough to get through! Was it just last Sunday that we ran in just a couple of layers and it seemed balmy? The cold snap was both a blessing and a curse. Because it was cold for several days it seems that ponds froze and outdoor skating was possible (yay!). However the deep freeze also challenged us to get the layering of our clothing just right- or at the very least right enough to be passably warm and still be able to move even if it meant feeling restricted or rather bulky, sort of like the Micheline Tire Man or a Teletubie. Each day seemed to bring a different combination of challenges, and looking fashionable was way down on the priority list.

After freezing my fingers and toes off filming for a Breakfast Televison segment while snowshoeing Thursday I pulled out the hot shot foot warmers and some heavy duty mitts from my days in Northern Alberta for last night’s moonlight snowshoe. There were 70 people out for that event and probably as many different clothing combos! For those that had nailed their layering and fabric choices it was a perfect night for the event under a bright moon, and in the protection of the wooded trails. For today’s 16km run we all seemed to have a few things figured out over the week….seemed perfect with 3 layers, face protection and those wonderous hotshot-thingy- mabobs in my shoes to combat the piercing winds blowing off the Bay of Fundy…it’s so great to be out when you get it right! From wind chill to icy footing it was hit and miss depending on when and where you were out this week, unless of course you caved and hit the treadmill or couch. This week should be kinder, so have a fantastic and productive week!

Coming up this Week:
Monday: Swimming 8-9 PM at Acadia
Tuesday:Circuit Training 5:30-7:00 PM at Wolfville School Gym
Wednesday: Swimming 6-7 AM at Acadia
Thursday: Hill Training from Acadia at 5:00-6:15 PM
Saturday: Social Run 8 am; 6 or 8km from the Port Pub
Sunday: Falmouth Freezer (or alternatively a snowshoe/xcountry ski) & Brunch at Shelley & Art’s (email or check FB page for details). Register for event here: http://www.atlanticchip.ca/events/details.php?show=1113

Also coming up is an indoor track meet for all ages and abilities at the Canada Games Centre. More info here: http://www.atlanticchip.ca/events/show-registered.php?show=1118