Victoria Day Workouts

Happy Victoria Day everyone! The Acadia Pool is indeed open this evening so we will be swimming as usual. All members are invited to join this evenings practice from 8-9 PM- we have the entire pool from 8:30-9:00 so would love to fill all the lanes! Looks like a rainy running workout is on the books for this evening- meet at the Acadia track for 7:00 PM for some interval work (if it’s raining really hard we can do some circuit work in the arena). For anyone that might have raced in the Bluenose yesterday, a recovery workout with some drills and easy running would be ideal……
Speaking of which, two of our members had fantastic races yesterday. Aly Fredericks had a PB in the 10km race and Wayne Aspinall posted a phenomenal time in his first ever Half Marathon. Kevin Walsh also looked to have a great run. Way to go WTC members! (Now if we could get everyone to the Thursday night Bricks at the same time :)!