Social Ride, Indoor Spin-Tire Changing 101 & Brainstorming Session

In recent weeks we have enjoyed welcoming many new people to our club through our fall swimming and running activities. As we grow in numbers and diversity it’s important to include everyone in the planning for the upcoming year and contribute to how we transition from a triathlon specific club to a more broadly defined multisport club where fitness, sport and social friendships flourish.

November 11th we take pause for remembering & appreciating our military and military history. Many of us have traditions and with our families reflect in our own ways and/or with our community. The last few years I have enjoyed spending the afternoon of November 11th in outdoor pursuits, celebrating the freedom to enjoy our beautiful country with no real worries. The idea of getting our WTC members & families together for an informal social activity has landed on the calendar for the afternoon of November 11th. Even the weather forecast is on side!

Here’s what we have in mind:

What: Off Road Ride on Wolfville Dyke Roads and/or a tour of the new Bike Park in Reservoir Park followed by a pot luck with lunchy/snacky post ride foods and an informal brainstorm about ideas for schedules, programs, events etc for the coming year….. and for those who are interested a quick Indoor Tire Changing workout and a intro to indoor spinning. The club has 6 indoor trainers so if you have an indoor tire to put on your back wheel and would like to spend some time getting set up for indoor training this is a chance to get some help.

Note: we can arrange for mountain bike & helmet loans and this will not be a technical ride- but a social spin and kids & spouses/friends are welcome (but parents are responsible should they need to have a shorter ride).When: Ride will be from 1:00-2:15 -ish on Monday, November 11th. Social time is post ride and should wind down by 4-ish.

Where: Wolfville Recreation Centre- 7 Victoria Avenue.