IMPORTANT Please attend -Special Meeting 29th November to vote on name change

This meeting will be solely to explain the reason for the proposed name change and vote on the special resolution that:

The “Wolfville Triathlon Club” change its name to “Valley Multisport”. 

This will allow us to:-

  •  Broaden our activities from swimming, running and cycling activities if we choose. 
  •  Broaden the appeal of the club and make sure that people are not deterred from becoming members because of a perception that you have to compete in triathlons.

The meeting will take place on Friday 29th November 2013 at 7pm Wolfville Recreation Centre, 7 Victoria Avenue Wolfville.

We do not anticipate that it will be a long meeting.  

FYI  The activity schedule and fees for January to March 2014 are currently being confirmed , hope to post before Christmas 

There will be another meeting after Christmas (Either Monday 13th or Monday 20th January- Date to be confirmed)  to explore what current and new members would like to see in the year a head.


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