KidsTRI! starts this Friday!

Blomidon Multisport Club is excited about the KidsTRI! program which begins this Friday, May 2nd, 2014 at 5pm at the Acadia Athletic Complex.

This eight week program is designed to activate & motivate young participants aged 6-12, allowing them to sample the fantastic sport of triathlon in a fun group atmosphere. The bike & run will be alternated each week from 5-6pm and the swim will take place at the Acadia indoor pool from 6-7pm weekly.

In the cycling portion of training the participants will learn the essential safety & skills of cycling with confidence-building exercises. This will involve both skills and group rides on Wolfville Trails and Campus paths. The participants will be able to apply what they learn about road safety within small supervised groups on age/ability- appropriate cycling distances.

The running component will address the FUNdamentals  while following a structured training plan encouraging flexibility, coordination, strength  and endurance with a twist of enthusiasm! The running will take place either on the Acadia Track,  the community trails or soccer fields behind the Acadia Athletics Complex.

During the swimming phase of training the participants will be placed in ability-appropriate groups to learn the FUNdamentals of swimming. Participants will be re-introduced to the foundations of swimming;  a solid basis of gliding/streamlining applied throughout the training outline will incorporate many skills & components of breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly with an emphasis on freestyle. Kids with competitive swim backgrounds will be introduced to triathlon specific skills such as drafting and sighting.


Our training plan is as follows (please check this post regularily for weekly updates!):

WEEK 1 Bike & Swim

WEEK 2 Run & Swim

WEEK 3 Bike & Swim

WEEK 4 Run & Swim

WEEK 5 Bike & Swim

WEEK 6 Run & Swim

WEEK 7 Bike & Swim

WEEK 8 Mock FUN Triathlon



Please meet the coaches and volunteers at the back of the parking lot shortly before 5pm. Your punctual arrival will help us make the most of our short time together! If you have not yet completed your registration please arrive earlier and meet our volunteers inside main entrance to complete this.

We have a triathlon warm up and large group activity planned while some adult volunteers take care of the Bicycle Safety Check and then the kids will do a Bike Skills Circuit with a smaller group. Afterwards we will proceed to the indoor pool for an hour of swim training. Thank you for collecting your child on deck at 7pm when the swim training is over.


Your child will need:

-a properly fitted bicycle helmet

-a tuned & fitted bicycle (with functionning brakes!)

-a water bottle

-weather appropriate clothing (we will bike rain or shine!)

-a bicycle lock to lock bicycle during swimming (there are stands at entrace to Athletics Complex)

-a labelled bag containing swim suit, goggles, towel, a small snack and a plastic bag for wet items


Volunteers are welcome and needed! Please contact Julia Sommer-Ives ( or leave a comment to this post if you are able to volunteer during any of these sessions.

Thank you!