Kids & Youth Stuff!

Looks like a great day out there for some Triathlon Fun! Coach Kayla is back and so Colin and kayla will be leading the charge this evening with Julia, myself and a couple of other volunteers as support. The focus will be on running and swimming so no need to bring your bike unless you missed last weeks bike check and would like to have it looked over.

Just a note that with the extra pool lanes parents are invited to swim in one lane if they would like to swim laps, and our youth triathletes aged 12 and over are welcome to join us for both the run and the swim. I believe a few of the older kids are coming next week once they are done with some other sport activities. New youth are encouraged to come out and try it!

Speaking of youth athletes there is a provincial Training Day next Saturday that would be wise to attend if anyone is interested in racing the TNS Youth Series and perhaps traveling to races with the Nova scotia Youth Team (it wouldn’t be the first time that an athlete that is new to the sport has made the team in there first season or second season). Please contact me if you are a youth and interested. Here are the details:

May 17 2014
Provincial Training Centre – Canada Games Centre
Canada Games Centre
Pool 9am – 10:15
Track 10:45 – 1:45

The Nova Scotia Triathlon/Duathlon Schedule including the Kids Races can be found on the TNS website here:

See you soon!


2 thoughts on “Kids & Youth Stuff!

  1. Adam would have been very interested in the training day, and is interested in the provincial youth team… but we are in Winnipeg next weekend for chess 😦


    1. Winnipeg! Wow! who knew that chess would be so demanding travel wise. Hopefully next time….awww, I was hoping we would see him at the session next Friday night we have some 12 year olds looking to train with some older youth.


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