Calendar Now Working

The good vibes post Wolfville 8 Miler and Bluenose radiated all week…. and it was a fantastic weekend of training for many! It was fun to debrief over “A” (meaning 1)beer with the Half Marathon Group….seriously…. I think we have some serious athletes in training. We are all keen to carry on with the periodized training plan with a VHM goal for the next “A” event. New runners can join us as we begin with another “Preparation” phase the second week of June. There will be a $75 coaching fee for new runners…. there is no charge for the spring group to carry on. We’ll be meeting Tuesday evenings @ Acadia for speed work and long runs will be homework you can do with favourite running buddies or on your own.

Please check the calendar for what’s going on this week. See something missing? Suggest it or plan to lead it. We can add bike rides and runs at different times and places, if we have more leaders or coaches.

Youth members 12+ are encouraged to come to all the workouts. Looks like we could have a core group of 4-6, just need to get everyone at the same place at the same time…. any of the posted workouts are opportunities to have all youth come and workout as a group, but BRIX@SIX and Friday evenings are especially recommended.

New swimming session is starting June and probably into July with the colder temps we are having. The Club executive will be meeting this week (Board members please check your emails) to decide on fees and session end date. Just a reminder as well that the Club Membership fee is just $5 and any extra coaching fees are noted on swimming and training programs for new runners.

Looks like we might get some sun this week. So promising!