Hello Sunshine!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a dose of healthy sunshine! It certainly was a great weekend for being outdoors and active. Congrats to thse who participated in the first Triathlon/Duathlon of the season and to those that had some good if not stellar training sessions.  Photos of our Shearwater competitiors are on the Facebook page.  Thanks to Tim Chesnutt for the photos of Adam Dorrance, Mary Mott, Tanya MacInnis and Chris MacInnis.

With June comes a few schedule changes.  The 5 km and 10km Learn to Run and Learn to Train Programs have concluded save for the 10km runners who are planning to run in Lawerence Town at the Ocean Breeze event on June 14th.  All are encouraged to join us… there is a 5km and a Learn2Run event as well.  Registration can be done online at http://www.atlanticchip.ca.

Speed and strength workouts move to Tuesday evenings.  Meeting at Acadia at 6 PM for either a track or a hill workout.  Still swimming on Wednesday mornings for this month but we do need to collect a fee for pool time (your fee will include swimming Friday at 6-7 Pm as well). Sunday evening swims are over it would seem…. coaches Caroline & Shannon enjoyed a great workout last night, but we cannot afford to pay for pool time when no one is showing up and numbers have been very up & down on Sundays the last few weeks. BRIX@SIX is on Thursday and our kids and youth program is in full swing on Fridays 5-7 with the 6-7 swim time for other members.

The long runs were scant this past weekend with so much going on, but a few did happen…remember to post your long runs with a few details so others may join in…the same with bike rides. We will be back to some shortish options inside the really long options with Pauline posting her ultra training runs for Saturday and Sunday.  Also note there is a free Learn2Run group (I think they are at 4 or 5min run and 1min walk now on Mondays at 5 PM from Pharmasave in Canning….talking about the same idea for Wolfville …so stay tuned.

In the meantime…check the Calendar page for updates and details.

Have a great week and see you out there!