Juggling Workouts OK

A great day that featured pre and post workday track sessions….at 6 AM and 6 PM. Managed to introduce some new people to our speed workouts today and met up with another member on the trail during our warm up this evening.
Great work by all and looking forward to hearing that the newbies are feeling good after their first set of drills and a short time trial to establish a baseline for the new program. Certain speedsters looking to gain some strength may have discovered some new muscles this evening….but that’s a good thing!

Just a reminder to set your alarm….Swimming in the AM… and we will do so indoors at Acadia Wednesday mornings and Friday evenings until the end of June. Fees for May /June are due, but pro-rated fees can work for those coming for the next few weeks. We should try for some outdoor swims at Lumsden’s Dam this eeek…it’s time, and the first open water swim of the season is the end of June- Epic kinSwim at Lake Banook. A few people members are thinking of doing it so consider joining the fun!