Calendar Just Updated for this Week

Wow! Some great workouts already this week. The new Half and 10km training has started this week. New runners to the group should ask to be on the FB Group page where workouts for the week will be posted. Open water swimming is a great possiblity if you can fit it in…remember to never swim alone. We will keep up the pool workouts Wednesday mornings and Friday evenings until the end of June, then be moving outdoors.

Lots going on this week…so just updated the calendar…please check the calendar page to see what is happening when this week. And please post any open water swims or rides that might be going on as well. Let club members know if any carpooling to events or workouts are needed or available. Note that a couple of us are meeting an hour early to get a 20km bike ride done + a 3 km run before the BRIX@SIX workout. Join us if you are wanting to start eary tomorrow!

The Gaspereau Valley 21 km or 3X7km run scheduled for Sunday is shaping up to be quite interesting…we have a club team or two entered but I thin we are still looking for a person to run a 7km leg! Some of us will be at the Greenwood Triathlon Sunday. Saturday think about trying out the Ocean Breeze 5km or 10km in Lawrencetown. All registration can be done on

2 thoughts on “Calendar Just Updated for this Week

  1. Hi Shannon,

    Could you please change my email address to I’m moving to another position soon so my Acadia email will be disconnected.

    Hope to be there Tuesday next week, depending on how late I have to work…



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