An Invitation From The Halifax Triathlon Club


So, who is coming to our Splash & Dash and/or How Far Can You Ride event? Already coming up next week-end..and WE NEED TO HAVE A GOOD IDEA ON THE NUMBERS!!


The How Far Can You Ride event out of Bayswater Beach is on the same day as the Halifax Heartland Tour … we know that but there are so many things going on every week-end…we had to pick..

Our practice series is just that: Practices, not races – done in a way that gives you some idea as to what the race “feeling” involves… lots of excitement, energy and for some, butterflies.

For those who are new to our series, know that we can set you up with a buddy for the practices, so you can learn the tricks of the trade and get individual encouragement throughout the practice.

We also have food and draw prizes to hand out, not to winners cause these are not races, but to lucky participants who have their names drawn.

Most of the practices require volunteers so if that is what you might prefer to do, your name will also be put into the hat for prizes.

How Far can you ride?When: July 12, 2014 (Saturday). Official start time is 10:00am but you can arrive whenever!
Where: Bayswater Beach Picnic area
What is it: This is a ride, for as short or long as you want, along the gorgeous Aspotogan peninsula. We start at the beach and will have various options so you can decide whether you want to ride 20, 30, 40, 50k or more… We will have snacks and water at the picnic area so you can stop and take breaks whenever you want. Great opportunity to test out the legs
What should I bring: Please bring what you need for biking and maybe swim stuff since last year a few of us decided to jump in the ocean afterwards to cool off. You can bring friends and/or family and make a great day out of it.
Cost: Free

Splash & Dash Practice
When: July 13, 2014 (Sunday). Register on site between 7:45-8:15; practice starts at 8:30am
Where: Lake at Shubie campground
What is it: This is a swim and a run practice which starts from the beach at Shubie Park campground. You can swim 250, 500, 750 or 1000 meters and then run either 5k or 10k along the trails. There will be lifeguards in the lake and water at the start of the run and at the 2.5k turnaround.
What should I bring: Please bring your water bottle so don’t have to use plastic at the start and end of the race. We will have cups at the turnaround. A swim cap is mandatory so if you don’t have one, we can sell you a nice looking HTC cap for $10.
Cost: $10.00