What a lovely Saturday morning on a long weekend for taking a bit of a pause….even if the pause is a little forced in my case! The International Mountain Bike Association summit in Steamboat Springs, Colorado was very full and inspiring, and although work related it was a nice break from my usual routine. I was able to take the opportunity to challenge myself mountain biking trails and terrain I had yet to experience in my limited time on the mountain bike. As luck would have it I was thrown from the bike in an altercation with a stump, on the last trek on some fun but less technically challenging terrain- only to crack a few ribs. I plan to be back coaching next week- and will be altering the schedule some as we transition to the fall season.

The club executive is meeting September 2nd (the earliest we could get everyone- or almost everyone together) to finalize the fall schedule and fees. The swim workout time at Acadia was something that was up for a change with the varsity swim time claiming our Wednesday am slot- however there is now a new coach in place and perhaps an opportunity to discuss the matter next week. In repsonse to losing the Wednesday morning time I was able to negotiate lanes on Saturday morning from 9:00 – 10:30 am so I sincerely hope that this is good news for most and that we can make Saturday mornings an anchor in the fall schedule where we see most members out for a run and a swim- and perhaps even a social coffee/muffin time for good measure. The excutive would love to hear what activities/workouts members or potential members would like to see on the schedule. I would like to do a workshop in the fall on season planning for those that would like to set their fitness or race goals for 2015.

Happy Labour Day Weekend All!