Swimming Schedule Scramble

If you have been following the news regarding the changes that were made with our swimming time in the Spring when the Acadia Varsity Team scooped up our Wednesday morning practice time, you might know that we were able to get a Saturday morning time (9:00-10:30 AM). Some may also be aware that a change up with the Head Coach position for the Acadia Swim Team a few weeks ago landed Acadia the amazing David Fry. I’ve had the pleasure of coaching with David a number of years back and I couldn’t be more pleased that the student athletes at Acadia will benefit from his leadership and mentorship. I spoke to him today and within minutes we were able to figure out mutually beneficial swim times during the week- he offered that we could have a couple of lanes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 AM when his athletes are given an optional/uncoached time. Since we will be hiring the lifeguard (I’m hoping it might even be an additional coach/lifeguard) this works well for both parties. Soooo, we are just a few steps away from confirming our fall/winter swim schedule and it would be extremely helpful to hear from those that are interested in these sessions so we can finalize fees. The executive did meet the other evening and agreed on a punch card system…. but we need everyone’s help as we scramble to pull the details together this week…. We want to start up September 18th. BTW…. I will change up the morning track workouts to another day so I can swim too.

5 thoughts on “Swimming Schedule Scramble

  1. As usual, I won’t be joining you for fall swim but likely join after Christmas. I’m all for T/T swim but will never be able to make the Saturday swims.


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  2. Hi Shannon – I’m interested in the Tuesday/Thursday morning swims. I have had my membership form and $5 here on my desk for weeks. I’ll get it to you today or tomorrow.

    We still have Tennis in PW on Saturday morning, but if/when that changes I’d be interested in the Saturday morning swim too.



  3. Hi Shannon,

    I am appreciative of the punch card system. 6 am does not work for me. I am hoping there will be another option.


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    1. Hi Barb,

      If someone else would like to coach the Sunday evening or a later time during the week- great, but I’m only able to do the mornings. There’s a challenge for someone out there!


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