JAck Scholtz Swim Meet Today

Just a quick note to say that I did post the changes in the swim schedule for this morning- due to the swim meet and of course those swimming Thursday also new we didn’t have a practice this morning, but alas posted directly to our FaceBook Page.  Last week was very time crunched and when posting things in haste it seems to end up that FB gets done instead of the webpage posting…this means that anyone not checking the FB page might miss the post.  Apologies…trying very hard to do the web posting only. Also seems challenging on long weekends to get the  schedule out for the next week as the family usually demands I be unplugged on a holiday Sunday/Monday. I’ll try to come up with a solution- like posting on Thursdays??? instead of Sundays…. hmm we’ll have to see. Hope everyone got out to enjoy the beauty of a day!