Remembrance Day

Thinking ahead to next week…… Acadia is open in the morning so we are planning to have a full on swim practice with a bike workout on trainers.  We do have some club trainers we can loan (first come first served), but trainer (or very old worn) tires are recommended. We can set up two workouts- one for experienced riders and an introduction to training indoors for the other group.  We can be done by 10 am  with plenty of time to get to local Remembrance Day Services.  Wear something patriotic and poppies too! If you aren’t equipped for the cycling you might like to do the run workout on the indoor track.

Friday AM (tomorrow) doing the Stability & Strength Workout again at 6 am…a couple of newbies are coming so we’ll be going through the routine…if coming bring a mat and a water bottle.

Saturday join us for a 10 km (or less) run at 7:30 from Acadia followed by swimming at 9-10:30 AM. Kids Run Club is at 11-12 noon.

Try to drop by Clock Park on Saturday before 1:30 PM and support Wolfville Integrated Health (member, Janis Noseworthy and partners ) as they spin on trainers to raise money for Spark Bikes for Wolfville School.  If you’re not on Facebook check out Sparks Fly and Self Regulation to get a better idea of what the Spark bikes are about.