Club Suit Designs

We’re looking for input on the design of club gear.  We have a designer lined up but need to get input from members.  Our designer has done a sample with very little direction or guidance.  One suggestion was that that we have the Acadian and Acadia colours incorporated, wanted to consider some inspiration from our eagle and that we will want black for the main part of bike shorts or tri suits. Please speak up if you want to help decide our new look!

Here is the sample- the far right image is the back and we have said we wouldn’t want that image on the back. Although this template is for the singlet other pieces from Champion Systems include one piece suits, vests, jackets shorts etc.   Many clubs are going with this company because you can order one piece at a time so no minimum orders. I’ll see if I can get a sample to bring to workouts next week. Another company we are talking to is Primal

Elite Tri-Top