What a Great Day!

It’s Canada Sport Week and I can’t think of a better way to wrap it up than I did today- with some wonderful kids doing an indoor triathlon and (finally) introducing Luke MacDonald to our Horton Family of School educators to tell the story of how Spark Bikes has blossomed into a movement that supports Self -Regulation strategies and programs in the classroom. What a great conversation and active kids having fun is simply inspirational- yeah triathlon!

Many thanks to the parents and community volunteers that helped with the event this afternoon- just awesome to have such great help! Also to all those that loaned us a trainer….so appreciate it!   I will be contacting everyone to make sure we have the photo permissions- a talented photographer- Mark Davidson took some 300 photos so there might be some keepers for parents!

Remember that Saturday morning- tomorrow, we meet at 7 am at Acadia for a 12 km run, followed by core work on deck- then the swim -and/or water running.  No swimming lessons for the kids tomorrow so we will have a quieter pool and a bit more space.  CYA in the morning!

IMG_1613 IMG_1614