And So We Begin A New Year!

Back to some regular programming with swimming starting up again on Tuesday morning, we’re on for Thursday but unfortunately not on this Saturday due to a swim meet. We will run on Saturday morning @ 7 am however. Tuesday night is Strength & Stability + Intervals.  I plan to do Mon/Wed/Fri mornings at 6 am- I expect Sherri to be there 🙂 …. anybody else going to join us?!

Now for the big news! We are really, really, really close to posting the details for the group training programs with Jeff Zahavich @ Kinesiosportlab.  For those who have been truly in off season mode and popping back in now that the New Year is rung in, we are once again offering two training group options outside of the regular club get togethers.  These are periodized programs with goal events attached to the timelines.  As in the past there will be a fee attached as these programs which have been specifically designed for us and includes coaching. While the fees are still to be confirmed with our club executive these group programs are a great deal for those looking for structure and guidance in their training.

The two Group Training Programs for 2015 are as follows:

Triathlon Newbie: Goal Events- Navy Triathlon, June 7th and Alysford Lake Triathlon, July 27th (includes : a 30 week new to triathlon program, would include suggested strength days with general guidance, coached sessions, club membership and punch card for 16 swim sessions)

Half Marathon + Triathlon:Goal Events- Fredericton and/or Bluenose Half Marathon in May, Navy Triathlon, and Aylesford Lake Triathlon (a 30 week new to triathlon program + half marathon running program ( different running metrics and active recovery days ), suggested strength days with general guidance, coached sessions, club membership and punch card for 16 swim sessions).

WE do need to get started asap – as a January 18th start date gives us a 20 week program.  With that in mind please email blomidonmultisportclub@gmail asap if you are interested in either program.



2 thoughts on “And So We Begin A New Year!

  1. I’m interested in the newbie triathlon program and also the half marathon since I’m planning to run the Bluenose half. Julie

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  2. Hi Shannon, I am interested in getting back in the pool and also for one of your traing groups you mention in your email. I will start swimming on Thursday morning and whichever training group you think will be most suitable for me (tri – newbie?).

    I will bring fee payment on Thursday morning so if you could let me know how much I should bring I would appreciate it.

    Thanks Chris Wood


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