This IS Your Wake Up Call

Tuesday: 6:00-7:30AM Swim @ Acadia AND Tuesday 6 PM is an LSD 35 Minute Run– we’ll add some drills and mobility in there too.

OK, so it’s friggin’ cold out there, but SPRING, believe it or not is  5 weeks away…. at least according to the Hennigar’s Farm Market sign in Greenwich. So for those folks who have fallen off the rails and into some hibernation habits this is your week to shake it off and get back to rising early and making the move to swim or run in the AM. You will soon notice the daylight replacing the twilight as yu head to the pool or the gym.  Hope to see some old familiar faces join the dozen regulars this week.

BTW, spinning at Banks Bikes is already starting to gain momentum 7 bikes now corralled, so a cyclist with each makes for a crowd! expecting more to join us the next few weeks.  I’m pretty stoked to have the teenagers mixing in with us and see the new shop become a community gathering place.  The energy is absolutely motivating!

Don’t forget that this Saturday is our Live.Love.Tri. Triathlon Camp and Tactical Swim Clinic with Jeff Zahavich from Kinesiosport- a few more spots and some are mixing and matching so that strong swimmers can do the swim clinic and the triathlon camp. Have some great draw prizes lined up. Hope to see you there!