Dang Weather!

Thank you to all the athletes who helped make Saturday’s Camp and Clinic a success.  What fun! and you all worked really hard and earned yesterday’s rest day.  It’s obvious that all of you are so capable of doing that first triathlon, or improving on your first batch of events.  With the training program and group workouts leading to the summer you will be well prepared.  Totally enjoyed working with our team- Jeff Zahavich, Meg Todd, Vince Nicholson and Colin Banks who made us so welcome at his shop for our cycling session.  It was indeed an awesome day! Because of the storm I was able to put together an album of pics for each participant so if you want me to share to your FB page let me know.

Needless to say no one should be traveling anywhere today- at least not for a while.  Stay safe and make wise decisions- especially when getting out to shovel snow or snowshoe.  Even the fittest of folks get hurt while trying to be champion shovellers, and I recommend bilateral shovelling!

This training week is looking a little scrappy for group workouts for a number of reasons.  Oh well, let’s get it over with and plan to be on track again next week.  In the meantime we have our training plans to work with, and if I had my druthers we would all just hop on a plane and go somewhere balmy and where the only white we deal with is sand.

Here’s what’s up this coming this week:

  • No swimming until Thursday due to pool maintenance- replace swims with xtraining.
  • No spinning at Banks Bikes today  (no kidding!)
  • Tuesday – will post when we get out from under
  • Wednesday & Thursday Spins- I’m starting at 4:30 due to other committments this week- however I will leave the workout and ask if someone else would be up for “leading” (it’s not a onerous role)
  • Thursday am swim as usual – unless we hear otherwise (ie if pool maintenance changes because of storm)
  • By Friday we should all be back to “normal”

There is a chance that Tuesday evening the following week, we may have a coaching presence with Vince for those that are only able to do evening swims during the week.  We will confirm.




2 thoughts on “Dang Weather!

  1. Hi Shannon, By all means you can post my pics to my timeline; I’m sure to get a kick out of them! Pretty stoked that I managed to push through all those workouts on Saturday; that was pretty intense! I’ll try to grab my water bottle from you soon; I’ll message you when I’ll be close to the area.

    Mary Mott



  2. Hi Shannon

    It’s awesome you did separate albums for each participant. …Please share to my FB page

    I loved the group album you shared on the page




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