On to a More Normal Week…We Hope!

On the docket for this week (a Base2 Build Week for KSL Groups):

Monday: Spinning at Banks Bikes 5:30 PM to set up

Tuesday: 6 AM swimming and 6 PM Indoor Track for a 40 minute easy run…if it’s decent outside we will run outside (let’s hope).

Wednesday:  Spinning or for KSL groups a Bike /Run brick at Banks Bikes- 5:30 PM set up.

Thursday: 6 AM Swim and alternate night for Bike/Run Brick or spin – 5:30 PM set up.

Friday: X my fingers I hope to do the run intervals in the morning at 6:30 AM, but if necessary it will happen later in the day…anyone else want to lead?

Saturday:  6:30 Run optional/ 9 am Swim / 11:00 set up for a 70 minute spin at Banks Bikes.

Anyone is welcome to try out a workout- the spin sessions will also be open to riders from the local ride groups & I’ve invited a dear friend to join us this week- Derek Watts who at 85 still loves to ride his bike.