Morning Comes Early

I just looked at the clock and a pile of laundry to fold and realized that I am over an hour past my goal time for bed so I can get up bright and early for swim practice tomorrow,…then thought I wonder how many of our members just returning from holidays down south or other derailments are on track for an early morning swim tomorrow.  Somehow that made me think of the mirror on a TV show when I was quite young…. does anybody else remember Romper Room and the mirror…. “and I can see Jen, and Chrystal, and Pam, and Barb, and is that Erin?….. oh look over there it’s Jeffery and Christopher too……”!  Makes me chuckle to think how often I waited to hear my name when “Shannon” was not so common.

Looking forward to a lively workout in the morning! Run will be outside tomorrow evening- unless I read the notice incorrectly there will be athlete testing happening on the indoor track, so it will be off limits to us.