Signs of Springs Sighted Today!

Time to make our big move all you spinners! What we talked about on Saturday was getting our bike tires changed at the shop on Monday evening, instead of spinning- then it would be a great idea to take the bikes out for a short spin. I am planning on moving the ride outside on Wednesday and Thursday- but switching the bike/run brick to Thursday – our usual Thursday routine on Starrs Point Road.  We’ll meet at the Juice factory on the corner of Starrs Point and Collins Road at 6 PM.  Saturday we should plan to ride outdoors from Banks Bikes at 11:15- right after swimming.  Here’s this week’s line up of workouts:

Monday: Banks Bikes @ 6 PM for tire changing and a short no drop ride.

Tuesday: 6 AM swim @ acadia

Tuesday: KSL group – hill workout as prescribed – all others- easy 30-40 minute run from Acadia @ 6 PM

Wednesday: Group Ride from Banks Bikes @ 6 PM

Thursday: 6 AM swim @ Acadia

Thursday: Bike/Run Brick @ 6 PM from Starrs Point Road & Collins- don’t miss the first one!

Saturday: 9-10:30 AM Swim Workout

Saturday: 11:15 AM Group Ride from Banks Bikes

Sunday: Group Run- Time, Route & Distances TBD

Other news to be posted soon:

  • AGM details
  • KidsTRI!- starting Friday, May 1st (for kids 6-12)
  • Dula- club practice day in the Valley with Halifax Tri Club
  • Learn2Run program details