Busy Week Ahead

Scheduled Workouts & AGM this week (other “pop up ” workouts) possible – especiall:

Tuesday: Swim @ 6 AM  /  Run @ 5 PM (meet @ Juice Factory Starrs Point)

Wednesday: Short Track Race Series @ Reservoir Park (starts at 6 PM but meet earlier for a pre-ride or to borrow a bike for the event) and Learn2Run 5km

Thursday: Swim @ 6 AM  / BRIX@SIX @ Northeast Kings Education Centre in Canning- 9 KM bike loop on good pavement and quiet roads + short trail run on Bigelow Trail or bike skills in parking lot by tennis courts. All types of bikes ok.  KIds Run Club after school at Wolfville School.

Friday: Banks Bikes Friday morning ride @ 9 AM

Saturday: early morning run from Canning + 9 am swim @ Acadia + possibility of afternoon bike ride

Annual General Meeting & Potluck @ Stella’s house in Wolfville at 4 PM