Thursday is BRIX not @SIX, but at 5:30 PM @ Lumsden’s Dam

Just a reminder that the BRIXnot@SIX (sorry, even though we changed the time love the @six) is this evening and sounds like we will have quite a few coming for the first time  (Happy dance right here! ).  So what to expect?

First of all it’s important to know that we need everyone to be thinking about safety at all times, so that end we ask that everyone:

  • wear a bathing cap – preferably a light or bright coloured one that is easy to see.
  • Bring water as there is not a fountain in the park.
  • wear a bright or easily seen top for cycling and running
  • sunscreen is recommended
  • a hat for running
  • a helmet for cycling
  • flippers are optional if you are a strong swimmer that just needs a boost to stay with the rest if crossing the lake
  • bug repellent if you need it
  • body glide if you are wearing a wetsuit

We will have:

  • make shift bike racks for a transition area
  • buoys for the swim
  • paddle board for the swim
  • pull buoys for anyone that wishes them
  • air pump for tires
  • first aid kits
  • my car full of toys!

There are changing rooms and washroom facilities. Cell reception is sketchy. You can swim, bike, run, transition or just some of those activities.  We have some that just swim and bike or those that just bike and run – no pressure and the bike /run course is just 2.5 km so everyone is relatively close together at all times.  For the younger athletes they will do a shorter trail run in the park. We have been having parents, spouses and friends who wish to come out and be active out on the course on bikes as extra set of eyes.  We hear that some will be bringing kayaks out so hoping to see some extra help on the water for the group that does cross the lake (480 m).  There will buoys set up about 100m from the shore for the out and back swims, so crossing the lake is not for everyone!

I’ll be heading up before 5 PM to set up.  CYA there!