Bountiful Harvest In So Many Ways!

Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the pictures and stories of Thanksgiving joy and success – so looking forward to hearing first hand accounts of how it all went seeing first hand your beautiful smiles!

For those that raced this weekend and are interested in doing a race evaluation (set up for trips but can be adapted for just run) here’s the document:

Race Evaluation Form

This week the schedule will naturally switch up and is a transition week. Saturday is the first gathering to work on season planning – this will be an informal workshop and we will meet at 10 AM Saturday – location to be determined. Please message us at for the worksheets to do before coming (nothing too hard or time consuming but very helpful before setting out on a planning exercise).

Tuesday – Swim at 8PM
Workout wise it’s a rest week for some and race preparation for others so we will meet at Acadia at 7 PM to do a light track workout with activation drills prior to swimming at 8 PM.

Wednesday- Swim at noon

Thursday- Swim at 8 PM

Friday – Teens Swim 3:30-4:30PM

Saturday –  Easy Peasy Running at 8 AM from Acadia, and then Planning Workshop 10AM (Location TBA)

Sunday- Swim at 5PM

Don’t forget, Dryland Strength Training Starts on Monday, Oct 19, 5:30PM @Louis Millet Centre