Swimming Notes For This Evening

It has been wonderful to see so many new swimmers and the training groups are starting to form this fall!  Let’s keep it up and adjust to some new regulations being applied to us by Acadia aquatic staff. For anyone that can get to the pool to start swimming at 7:30 PM to get an early start on the lane assignments during the public swim please do so.  We’ll have printed workouts for everyone with three different levels so try to match up with similar swimmers and use lane etiquette to make the circle swimming work.  Even public swimming swimmers are expected to swim in circles when there are more than two swimmers in a lane.  Share your workouts if others are interested! There have been some good swimmers attending the evening lane swims so Im sure we can all get along. Just a reminder though that you must have a facility membership, swim pass or day pass to swim during the 7:30-8:30 time though.  Please do not try to get through the turnstiles by saying you are there fro BMC practice.  I will be in the gallery and maybe getting some cool video shots of stroke techniques.  See you there!