Adjustments to Swim Schedule Starting This Week

Another great turnout for swimming this evening!  Stella and I have been very excited by the progress in the pool and are very committed to seeing our swim squads continue to grow.  We have tried to make the current pool schedule and fees work for us but have recently experienced some challenges with changes in billing and regulations.  I’m in the process of getting data from other groups in the province and so far have a good indication that we are paying far more and quite differently than others.  Most do not pay separate lifeguard fees from the lane rental (and we pay almost double what a lifeguard gets paid).  We are also having to have two lifeguards on deck even with a coach who is a lifeguard and that is for any number of swimmers.  We have been averaging 10-12 swimmers per session and never more than 14.  The fee for a lane is nearly $20/hr.  This compares to $16/hr for a lane in HRM- and that fee includes the lifeguard. This puts our fee for an hour at $140.00 although we do not need an entire pool and would welcome sharing with another group or the public.

Soooo, with this in mind we do not give up – we get tougher and will use the public swims for training.  So Tuesday and Thursday evening we will plan to swim from 7:30-8:30 PM (Activation at the track at 6:30 PM).  Stella and I are not permitted to coach from the deck at this time so we will be swimming and helping from the pool.  Workouts will be printed and available for each lane in a plastic bag. Wednesday workouts at noon continue and Saturday and Sunday there is the 2-4 PM swims – Sunday seems to be the more likely for most. Workouts for the week will be posted on the website and be password protected – so members can email ( for the password.  I’m also talking with Greenwood about collaborating and doing some workouts at their pool.

One thought on “Adjustments to Swim Schedule Starting This Week

  1. Hi Shannon, wondering if we could work something out with Waterville, they book pool time with community groups and parties for $30:00 for a 50 min. session, and a max of 30 people with a lifeguard, they are usually booked up in advance but for a regular time they might add a session for us.Just a Thought.



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