Sunday Swim & Parking

Hi All,

Most of you will have realized that Rogers Hometown Hockey has taken over Wolfville this weekend so parking at Acadia will be impossible.  If you are planning to attend the swim at 2 PM today or tomorrow I suggest you try parking on Dykeland Street down by Home Hardware and walk down the lane or trail to get to the pool.  Let me know if you need the workout emailed to you  (email me at – I may or may not make it as I’m trying to rally the family to help with painting at our little house in Wolfville project tomorrow.  If you’d rather paint – let me know!

Some of the Board members are off to a meeting in hosted by Halifax Triathlon Club this afternoon.  Lots of planning in the works so announcements and details to come in the next few days.

Please remember to RSVP the Life Balance workshop next Saturday- lunch must be ordered this coming week.

Happy Saturday All!