“She’s An Early Morning Blogger…….”

I was beginning this post much earlier than it will be sent out, when my creative hubby jumped out of bed, put on the kettle then proceeded to pick up his guitar and sing.  As he often does, he strung together these words and it only got better as he included some lines about today’s predicted weather.

So speaking about the weather here’s today’s Storm Day contingency plan for the noon run/walk:  “stay tuned”. As luck would have it I have a person at work that watches storms and emergency weather so he’s calling for things to get pretty bad by 10:30 am…should this happen I won’t plan to stay for a run indoors at noon.  However if things are calm and safe we might be “on”. I’ll post an update at 10 am.

I’d like to also share that I did a 6 km EASY run in the rain this morning just in case it couldn’t happen later….and I have to say that after Wednesdays cycling grindfest and a rest day Thursday, this run felt amazing, and rather turbo charged – like a high reving engine.  Kinda like it!