My First Triathlon

“My First Triathlon” (MFT) is a program for those planning or thinking about their first triathlon experience. Long time triathlete, Caroline Whitby who has a background in physical education will provide guidance and leadership to the group. Participants will receive a beginner level training program to follow and have access to club workout options with coaching support. Designed for busy people it can be adapted to personal schedules. The MFT group will meet with Caroline once per week to cover different topics relevant to “newbies” so that participating in an early season triathlon can become a reality! Topics will include but not be limited to: gear/equipment, transitions, nutrition, staying injury free, and triathlon rules.
It is recommended that participants are already capable of swimming 400m (16 lengths of Acadia Pool), can cycle for 45 minutes and run or run/walk for 20 minutes.

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Dates: April 1st – May 27th
Day & Time: Friday 6.45-8pm
Location(s): Based at Acadia Athletic Complex, and various other locations depending on activity (i.e. Starrs Point for cycling, Acadia pool)
Cost: $75 for non Blomidon Multisport Club (BMC) Members / $35 for BMC Members
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5 thoughts on “My First Triathlon

  1. I was just on Race Roster you may want to change

    1) Re My first Tri Cost: $75 for non Blomidon Multisport Club (BMC) Members / $35 for BMC to Cost is $35 (+ $40 BMC Membership) as you did for the run program it makes it clearer.

    2) Also I would like to suggest you change the wording where you sign up for a BMC membership so that it reads as follows :- Please take a minute to register here in order to participate in BMC activities for 2016. BMC Club Membership is MANDATORY for all participants and includes insurance coverage through Recreation Nova Scotia

    BMC Club Membership Cost is the same for recreational fitness and single sport participants (e.g. triathlon, cycling, swimming, running, etc.).

    If you wish to race in a certain sport you will be need to personally get a membership or race day licence for that specific activity.

    What is currently there is confusing because when i read it it says to me if I sign up to do the my first triathlon, I must also do a BMC Membership and a TNS membership even if I don’t plan to race which is not what I understood when we talked about in our conversation last Saturday:-

    Triathlon members are covered by Triathlon Nova Scotia (TriNS) Insurance. The TriNS membership fee for 2016 is $40 and must be purchased separately (at this time).

    Those taking part in triathlon specific workouts (bricks, open water swims, clinics, etc.) are REQUIRED to have a current TNS membership.

    TNS membership benefits include insurance and TNS sanctioned race discounts (e.g. insurance fee waived) is very confusing Those taking part in triathlon specific workouts (bricks, open water swims, clinics, etc.) are REQUIRED to have a current TNS membership.

    As a club with our own memorandum of association , who is not a member of the PSO TNS,( or have BMC Exec decided to do this)I dont see how this can apply or is there something I don’t understand



    1. Thanks. Changed it. Multiple people posting and we were going to try to get sanctioned to try to get a coaching course when we thought we could have a “triathlon team” under BMC. Turns out Sarah has been working her magic on Tanya.




  2. Hi Shannon

    Is there still room for me to sign up for this? If so, can I pay the first night or I can get the money to you earlier if required

    Let me know




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