Gadgetry Failure But Who Cares! It was a Fantabulous Run!


The truth be known I’m loving my new Garmin, but seriously have issues with being “in sync” with having one.  Granted I did remember to put it on and even get it started at the beginning of this mornings run, however I “repeatedly” forgot to pause it when necessary and then totally forgot to restart it at about the halfway point when we stopped for a downhill running technique chat.  I didn’t even occur to me to check to see if it was on again until nearly a kilometer from the end of the run …… SOOOOO the great news is that 3 people in our group had distance PR’s this morning and judging by some of the data I do have the last kilometres were better than a 4:50 pace – this I KNOW because I have the ability to judge this thanks to many years of running without a watch (Thanks to Coach Art Taylor for his n0-watch running rule).

BRAVO to the three runners in our early shift group that ran farther than they ever have before and to Phil who stepped in and did some great impromptu coaching this am.  Looking forward to hearing about the second BMC group run went.  Looking forward to seeing more faces each week. Next weeks schedule to be posted later today.