“Deets” for Thursday

Looking at the weather forecast for tomorrow evening it’s unlikely to be a suitable evening for riding – or doing a clinic if only 6 degrees and rainy.  I’d like to suggest that unless it is not raining we cancel the brick workout this week.  For those of you asking about distances for bricks we will do bike/run intervals – starting with 6 km bike + 1 km run.  I experimented with a 21 km bike and 1 km run this evening and promise to ease everyone into this.

Here’s some trivia about brick workouts:

Origins of “The Brick”

For the uninitiated, the “Brick” is the term used to describe T2 or the second transition when moving from bike to running. Jelly legs! that dreaded feeling you encounter when you hop off the bike and into the run affects every triathlete but it is possible to reduce the dead-leg feeling by training. Pioneers of the sport used the term ‘back to back’ training to describe cross training within the three disciplines; now the term ‘brick training’ has also been adopted by triathletes and duathletes. Dr Matt Brick coined the term ‘bricks’ when writing about duathlon, and his run-to-bike and bike-to-run sessions have proved highly successful. So apart from run training, we will be setting up specialised Brick training sessions. Watch out for news of these sessions. Another skill is running with the bike. Sometimes as much as 500m in ‘big’ races.

But then there is this:

Triathlon legend tells that Mark Sisson (former Tri-Fed Executive Director & ITU Secretary General) & Scott Zagarino (who has worn many hats in the sport) coined the term. The Pinlk Floyd song was their inspiration. It was not Dr. Matthew Brick, who practices medicine just the down the road from where I live, that the term was derived.

Some interesting info on Dr Matt Brick:



2 thoughts on ““Deets” for Thursday

  1. Hi Shannon

    I’m a little confused by your message on tonight’s bike. Will we be meeting to do a 6km bike/1km run or tonight’s Bike session is cancelled altogether due to weather.
    It doesn’t matter to me either way I just need confirmation ☺




    1. Hi Donna, Sorry for the confusion. If it’s 6 degrees and raining it will be too unpleasant, so will warrant cancelling. If for some reason it is warmer and not raining we can go ahead. I will send out confirmation just before 4 PM.


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