It’s been a great weekend filled with many victories, accomplishments and memory making.  While many were able to enjoy the Bluenose festivities there was also much to be enjoyed at home with family and friends with that extra day of recovery made possible by our celebrating Victoria’s Birthday with a stat holiday.

The social media coverage of the Bluenose events was amazing and highlighted so many other aspects of this wildly popular event.  It is so much more than a marathon now!

Impressive too, is that nearly 40 or so people also participated in a local fun run on the new section of the Harvest Moon Trailway and another healthy group test rode the Micheline 100km ride on Saturday. It’s quite possible that everyone did some gardening as well this weekend. So hats off to all and hopefully there was a good amount of rest and recovery as we head into the warmer training season and gear u for a few more events and active occasions.

Heads up that we are having a social for members and potential members on Wednesday, June 15th at Banks Bikes at 6:30 PM. More details to follow!

This weeks training:

  • Tuesday: Hill Interval training – meet at Acadia at 5:30 PM for warm up/ Swim at 7 PM
  • Wednesday: For anyone interested Derek Salley has a “Learn to Group Ride ” session in Greenwood at 6 PM from Subway parking lot.
  • Thursday: BRIX@SIX  (Bike /Run Intervals – meet at Collins Road and Starrs Point at 6 PM
  • Saturday : 7:30 AM swimming with group @ Acadia + Ride; Details TBA (Women’s Ride at 9:45 from Valley Stove & Cycle)
  • Sunday: Long Run (up to 18-20 km in Woodville) Time to be determined.