Training This Week

Now that the lakes are warmed up- and already warm enough to not need the wet suits in facto ur Thursday BRIX@SIX includes open water swimming including entries, exits and turnarounds.  Conversation over the last few weeks has us thinking that alternating the BRIX@SIX locations between Lumsdens and Aylesford would make sense since members live at both ends of Kings County. Also the Aylesford Triathlon is coming up soon and we have a home field advantage if we train on the course!

So that said this week we will meet at Lake Aylesford at 5:30 for BRIX@SIX.  Lifeguards are on duty until 6 PM so it would be good to get our swim in while they are there.

Today is Track Tuesday and Tineke is set to meet everyone at 5:30 @ Acadia for the warm up.

Organized Group Rides are:

  • Friday with Banks Bikes (30+km’hr average) – they meet at the shop for 9 am departure for 1.5-2 hour ride.
  • Saturday morning female riders can meet at Valley Stove & Cycle for the Women’s Ride at 9:45 am – they are up to about 50km and around 23-25 km/hr.

Sunday is an open water swim and the time of day is up for discussion – last year we found the early evening to be good, but perhaps a “floating” time would work?  Share your thoughts if you are keen to take part!  This week we will aim for 4:30 PM to give everyone time for a ride or run before hand.



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  1. Hi again, Planning to rejoin the group after Ken Dunn July 9th weekend. Lisa

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