On Tap This Week

Race Prep for the St Andrews Challenge Crew! And time to solidify things for Lake Aylesford Tri coming up on the 25th.  Don’t forget that there are team options and the Aqua Bike options…this means you can grab one of your single sport buddies or family members and hook them into doing something great with you.  Remembering one year that we put several teams in the Bridgetown Triathlon…..and had a blast! I’ve been talking to swimmer types and there are a few that would be on a team.

Ok..It’s a typical summer week with Track Tuesday at Acadia with Tineke- starting at 5:30 PM.  There is lane swimming at 7 PM for those interested in getting some indoor swimming in.  Thursday is BRIX but at 5:30 start for the swimming.  Bring running and biking gear so you can familiarize the race course and get a great workout in that includes transitions…rehearsal is a confidence builder!

Many of us will be celebrating in St Andrews Sunday evening but everybody else can head out to Aylesford while the lifeguards are on duty for a swim.  Our usual time will be 4:30 PM on Sundays.

So glad to see members posting rides and runs too… keep it up as its way more fun with friends and we know we work harder when we go with others…besides we seem to be collecting some great coaching tyes in our group so no shortage of helpful tips and tons of encouragement.

Hope to see everyone Thursday…and let’s get a photo this week!



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    Just confirming that workout – Thursday is at Aylesford lake? Thinking that I might join you.

    Andrea MacDOnald.

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