A Message from Cape Breton Re: Port Hood Triathlon

This just in from
Chris Milburn, Cape Breton Barbarians

Hi folks – this is a last plea for people to sign up for the Port Hood triathlon.
For anyone who’s never done it, it’s a great race in a great venue. The community really gets behind it. They have a fantastic meal (included in the race price) and lots of great draw prizes. Plus it’ll be the last triathlon in this part of the province for the year.
Although it doesn’t end on the steps of the pub like the Guysborough Tri, don’t forget that the Red Shoe is conveniently on the way home for most of us, and is an official 4th event.
Just looking now, it appears that there are 41 signups. If we don’t get 60 registered by tomorrow, the race will be cancelled. And maybe won’t be revived again. It would be a big loss for CB. We are very lucky that we have had 2 great triathlons (Ingonish and PH) for many years.
It’s great to do the big races but don’t forget that it is the small, local races that bring people into the sport in the first place. These races are critical for the newbies, great events for the community, and show triathlon to a lot of folks who might not see it otherwise, which is important for getting new folks interested.
If anyone is interested in being on a team, please let me know ASAP. Specifically at this point, we are looking for a runner to complete a team. (there are team options for both sprint and Olympic distance)
If you’re on the fence, please just DO IT!