Last Week of August – What’s Up?

So much fun was had yesterday at Porter’s Lake Triathlon I don’t think anyone realizes how hard they worked out there on the course. It’s a beautiful thing when goals are achieved and the joy is shared. Congratulations to all! Photos are all over our FB page and a link to the gallery from Tim Chesnutt are there too.  Tag and share. Results can be found here:

Training for Shubie Triathlon: As summer starts to wind down and Fall slips into our mindset there is just one more triathlon on the local calendar.  Shubie is in a few weeks and has some specific challenges – let’s call them “HILLS” 🙂 Halifax Triathlon Club is doing some prep workouts and a run through September 3rd, which is a great idea and maybe one we want to copy?  It would be helpful to hear from those that plan on doing this event and what workouts we can do as a group to keep the pencil sharp, so to speak. Use this contact form if you are training for this last race:

Program Planning Meeting: This Thursday evening members with expertise and qualifications to coach/lead/organize training sessions, programs, clinics/workshops or activities/events. Not sure?  Come and share your ideas. Email for meeting details.