Transition Week Ahead

Still in a transition phase and waiting to confirm swim coaching times and compiling a list of other groups offering workouts our members lead or are involved with (ie.- trail runs and mountain biking) before posting the Fall schedule, but what is happening this week so far:

MONDAY – Recovery Run @5:30-6:15 PM from Acadia – Low HR zone run and son racing… be social and run at an easy pace on the rail trail.

TUESDAY – Track Tuesday  @ 5:30 (warm up) 6:00 intervals start at Acadia Outdoor Track

WEDNESDAY – Intro to Running a 5km is happening in Canning at 6:00 PM until Valley Harvest Weekend (message for details if you’d like to join in)

THURSDAY – Hill night (Running) @ 5:30 meeting at Acadia

FRIDAY –  Road Ride with Banks Bikes @9am (30km /hr average)

SATURDAY – Long runs – Post info on FB for long runs

SUNDAY – Adrian Campbell Classic Bike event – Congratulations to Adam Dorrance – this year’s winner of the Adrian Campbell Scholarship!

If anyone has anything to add to the schedule please post or ask for it to be posted.