Let’s Try This!

December can be a difficult month to keep up training and fitness routines but let’s try to make December the month for getting back to the pool and swimming.

Monday and Wednesday evenings there is a 1.5 hour lane swim that has not been very busy and some good swimmers have been making their way there to have a decent workout over a decent time frame.  Workouts will be provided and some guidance if anyone has a specific ask, but this coach will be swimming too. Swim time is 7:30-9:00 PM and I actually like it (which is saying a lot since I prefer mornings!).

Since many of our members are shift workers and some may have time ff during the day this month let’s make an extra effort to post when you might be heading off to the pool and rally some lane mates. There are lane swim oprions between 7:30 AM-2 PM during the week. Remember that BMC members can get a corporate membership at Acadia for $225.

Also I’d like to let everyone know that Acadia asked me to take onthe Tuesday noon aqafit class and I’ve got the go ahead to transform it to an aqua jog/run program.  Hope it is recieved well and perhaps of interest to those that run as a supplementary training or if necessary an injury rehab option.