That was a Super Saturday Brick Workout! Swim TT Coming Up Sunday :)

Great to see everyone getting back into training and enjoying the social latte/coffee time post workout today!  Not sure where else you can get such a great combo on a Saturday morning, but Banks Bikes does a terrific job of hosting and a great barista who also coaches a mean bike workout ‘aint bad either! Added bonus today for the riders was getting bikes sorted out and some fitting done.  Already anticipating some great outdoor riding right out of the gates…. although tempted to mix in some outdoor riding if this weather keeps on.

Just a reminder that tomorrow (Sunday) we are planning to do some benchmark time trials in the pool – 1 km and 100m after a solid warm up.  Since this is during public swim time plan to be there early to secure lane space.  If anyone would like to book a private or semi private session some other quieter time let me know.