Cycling + Swimming Info For This Evening

Hi All,

Reminding everyone that we have cycling with Derek at 5:30 PM at Banks Baikes followed by swimming at Acadia at 7:30-9:00 PM.  There are three levels of workouts – all similar but with different distances and printed for each group.  If you come late just fall into the workout where the others are please.

Focus is on building our foundation while introducing some power & speed. We had a good number of swimmers on Monday night so important to be willing to share lanes with the best combination of people and a full lane will be less likely to look attractive to some slower public swim folks. If you are doing a main set that is 200’s and another person who is a bit slower does a 150, it is possible to be in the same lane….just saying 🙂  Remember to indicate that you need to pass a swimmer just nicely tap their feet to let them know you are there and the person being passed should pull over to the right corner of lane when they come to the wall to let the person or people behind pass.  It works like a charm and is the norm in swim workouts.

I’ve seen a post on Fb that the Tritons are also planning to be there with a new Masters initiative tonight.  I was told they would be renting one lane from 8-9 PM.  Usually 8:30-9:00 PM the pool clears out for the most part. I expect it to be a bit busy this night but it will all settle out.

CYA there.