BMC Potluck and Foodshare

“Eat Slow Run Fast” Potluck and Foodshare

A few of us did a test event and we’re all keen to do it again.  I guess we truly love food as much as fitness!

When: Sunday, March 19th (after the Moose Run in Cow Bay of course – register here (it’s free or by donation: )
Time: 5 PM
Where: 110 Highland Avenue, Wolfville
How it works: You can simply bring a pot luck item (emphasis on a healthy choice theme and strongly encouraged to try a recipe from the Eat Slow Run Fast Cookbook – some recipes can be found on Pinterest by search the book title).  If you bring extra servings you will be part of the food share group and will need to bring some containers to take some food home.

RSVP with an idea of what you plan to bring and we’ll have a good idea of who plans to bring extra to share in advance.

email: to rsvp


2 thoughts on “BMC Potluck and Foodshare

  1. Hey Shannon. Fun workout last nite in the pool.
    Do u think I would benefit from purchasing one of those snorkels??
    Count me in for the pot luck. I am bringing the “Gimme veggies friend rice” from the cook book.



    1. It was a great workout…looking forward to many more! Yes to the snorkel… I will find the link on Amazon and share it as it’s half the price we found locally unfortunately. Recipe sound great. Think I will do the lasagne.


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