Saturday Cycling & Hydration Talk

We’re heading into the last few sessions indoors with Derek but if you have missed the indoor sessions and are itching to get your bike out and give it a whirl before taking it outdoors in the next few weeks please consider coming Saturday.  We’d keep on for a few more weeks but the shop is busting at the seams with new bikes to put on the floor and the storage area is needed for all the bikes coming in for tune ups…that’s right it’s tune up time!

Speaking of tune ups…. we’ll be announcing a date for Colin’s bike care talk but first up is a talk on hydration this Saturday after our spin + run.   Majeedah Belding from Acadia will be there a for a 15-25 min talk on hydration! 🙂 🙂 Everyone is welcome.

PS.  Working on the website and will be sending out a few posts to get caught up.  Please go to the Contact US page to get on the email list.  Working on the Subscribe window…just having an issue with it popping up everytime you go on the site…that’s not what we want !