Transition Skillz Night

Great work by the guys and gals that came out to learn or improve their transition skills this evening.  We’ll do them again, but this crowd is ready to rock the bike/run intervals next week and will head into their races confident and graceful as they mount, dismount and switch up the muscle recruitment form discipline to discipline.  It really is something that needs to be practiced!

Good luck to a few members taking part in Shubie this weekend…have fun and learn lots!  I’ll be over in PEI giving a Youth Coaching Course but I encourage everyone to reach out and post swim, bike and run get togethers over the weekend.  Be sure to note that untouched sessions are not club sanctioned. Please swim and ride with others and never alone and be safe always! We have swimmers and runners of all abilities amongst us so don’t be shy to say what your status is when you post …there’s tons of support in the group.

We’ll plan our official lake swims with lifeguard supervision at Aylesford as soon as they are on duty July 1st. Aylesford triathlon is only a few weeks away so we’ll plan to head out there as often as possible, with Sundays at 5:30 as a regular time.