What’s Up This Week and What’s Coming?

Monday (tonight) we meet at the Acadia Athletic Complex parking lot for a trail ride that will include a little stint up a quiet but bumpy piece of tarmac (Maple Avenue). Refreshments at my place in Wolfville post ride. Coffee, water and wine on the house…. bring your own if you wish something else šŸ™‚

Thursday: Easy, 30 minute no-drop run led by three MIT’s (Men In Tights). Meet at Acadia Athletic Complex at 6:30 PM. Some are swimming at 7:30 PM post run for those inclined. If weather is not great the run will be on the indoor track.

Ramblings for this week:

November is here and feeling the urge to dream of next year’s goals for fitness, for creativity, and life in general. Triathlon has so become part of my life I don’t hear the beat of the same drum of non-triathletes…. meaning that January is not the time to start planning for next summer’s fitness. Christmas and holidays, even storm days are opportunities for building a foundation, for becoming stronger, healthier and making a commitment to myself for also deciding what I don’t want. What will stay and what will go? I will soon announce my vision board workshop…so excited for this again this year!

September and October have become my months of staying active, going with the flow (more than usual), reflecting and resting more. Remembrance Day is always sobering and a time to make space for remembering what it means to be a citizen of the world as a Canadian. Many of my triathlon and multisport friends take the opportunity to spend that day together going for long trail ride or run, but also including the reflection piece and being thankful; while others have family traditions of going to formal services; and some to fit in both. I will be in Fredericton this year with a 5 year old so not sure just yet how we will pay tribute, but I’m sure we will come up with something that will be memorable.